Experiences Vs DNA

Finally I finished reading "DNA is not destiny" book, and indeed it was a page turner one. Many times, I echoed that question whether experiences can change our traits, or even defeat our genes or not. I never got the answer until I read that informative book! If we trace our origins, we will find... Continue Reading →


Big Homes Lead to Anti-Social Behavior in Young People

Technology is within our hands, but it takes our lives backwards. Information has become more accessible. However, it builds inescapable fence and unbearable void. We are psychopaths vainly trying to deal with that technology. Those devices were meant to serve my life, not to rip it apart!

Creator Villa

In this article I will say something that flies in the face of conventional wisdom. But on this issue experience and observation have made my conviction strong. Here let me reiterate the title of this thread: living in a big house tends to engender anti-social behavior.

The American dream traditionally defined consists of living in a big house, driving a nice car, and having a nuclear family with approximately two kids. While each of these elements is a worthy achievement, I want to push back against the idea that bigger is always better when it comes to the house in which you live.

There are certain advantages to living in a bigger house. Big houses are physically attractive. Big houses feature greater space in-between other houses on the same block. Big houses comes with the luxury of hosting karaoke night any day of the week and spare the misery of…

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Let The Story Take Wings

"People are enemies for what they do not know". Seven years ago, I was one of those people; insular unable to digest differences. Ostensibly, it is our nature to avert what we have no idea about. Death, for example, is ambiguous whatever our beliefs. You believe as a Christian, Muslim, and Jew in the Day... Continue Reading →

A Real Muslim Leader

Dr. Tun Mahathir Mohamed who personifies the meaning of leadership. He had finished his tenure as a minister, but Malaysians wanted him to come back as a prime minister. Mahathir is engrossed with dispensing justice and converting his country to be the most advanced country among the advancing ones. May Allah bestow him resourcefulness to... Continue Reading →

The Dehumanisation Of Our Humanity

"What ruin someone's faith are genitals and stomachs. They are always eager for more, and we go in vain beyond our capacity to satisfy them." The encapsulation of all genocides and brutality. Snippets of a documentary I always watch, and it always makes me on the verge of tears. We can neither deal with our... Continue Reading →

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