Experiences Vs DNA

Finally I finished reading “DNA is not destiny” book, and indeed it was a page turner one. Many times, I echoed that question whether experiences can change our traits, or even defeat our genes or not. I never got the answer until I read that informative book!

If we trace our origins, we will find out that all human beings belong to one forefather “Adam”. However, we have different outlooks, productivity, complexions, languages, races, even different continents to live in. This is due to the environment and its circumstances. As we, human beings, have created that loathsome word “RACES”. Therefore, we incline to categorise others’ education, crime rates, IQ, etc, based on it.

Black people, reportedly, do not get tertiary education. Arabs are living in that stagnant pond of retardation because of their tribal genes. So, they can neither deal with technology nor the contemporary era. Africans have low IQ. White students do much better than other races in schools. All these examples show how influential the environment is. Lock up people in the same room with typical circumstances, then we can rely only on genes.

I remembered Maslow’s hierarchy theory and the former president “Barack Obama”. He would not have been Mr. President, unless he had left his African country. Firstly, he fulfilled his basic needs living in a dreamlike place such as the United States of America. Thus, he was able to better his life pursuing his education at one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Rising up the ladder requires full bellies and safety, otherwise, we would be mere predators devoid of intellect.

I myself would never be the same person without going through some abhorrent situations. We are infants, toddlers, teenagers, adults, elderlies, with no differences, only the exposure to different boundaries what makes us different inwardly and outwardly. Reading that book is definitely a must!

Big Homes Lead to Anti-Social Behavior in Young People

Technology is within our hands, but it takes our lives backwards. Information has become more accessible. However, it builds inescapable fence and unbearable void. We are psychopaths vainly trying to deal with that technology. Those devices were meant to serve my life, not to rip it apart!

Let The Story Take Wings

“People are enemies for what they do not know”. Seven years ago, I was one of those people; insular unable to digest differences. Ostensibly, it is our nature to avert what we have no idea about. Death, for example, is ambiguous whatever our beliefs. You believe as a Christian, Muslim, and Jew in the Day Of Judgement. For atheists and others, bodies are cremated converting into ashes or simply going to decompose without believing in paradise nor hell. Remembering death is not a nice thing to talk about but it is inevitable and somehow restful!

How much have I changed through these years? A lot! How many things have got unfolded before my eyes? Most of them! Am I still chauvinistic appreciating only my surrounding? Not in the least. I have been learning through defying ambiguity and deleting that word “CIRCUMSTANCES” from my own dictionary as we can not step down from living our lives. Changes match only with adversities and bitterness.

It took seven years of my age to be that person who I enjoy its company today. Four years were spent on awaiting for life to sweeten, while the other three years were spent on stripping my soul to keep only the childish part and getting rid of what had sapped me for years. Therefore I aired my mind to forget stale notions that never served my life. Mingling with the handicapped people was the last phase of my spiritual growth and mental health.

Now, I am poised to move up with a pure soul and a receptive mind. Failures and patience are parents of my resilience and strength. Unexpectedly, self-aggrandizing is the byproduct of that long-term process. Everyone is a mere companion, I may ask your advice, but you would never have the upper hand. I may open up, but that does not mean surrender. As I have learnt English from scratch on my own, I can do more with the reminder of downplaying those attainments.

“The fruit of the thought is safety”. Finally, reaping this fruit was arduous and deceitfully uneventful. However, those years what make me more humane. I am grateful for landing up where I am now.

A Real Muslim Leader

Dr. Tun Mahathir Mohamed who personifies the meaning of leadership. He had finished his tenure as a minister, but Malaysians wanted him to come back as a prime minister. Mahathir is engrossed with dispensing justice and converting his country to be the most advanced country among the advancing ones. May Allah bestow him resourcefulness to do more and more.

Our ancestors, Pharaohs, were not religious, but their civilization was the corollary of diligence and discipline. We are not enjoined to sit down and supplicate. We are destined to work and serve others. Read as much as possible to be rewarded here and hereafter.

Knowledge is like basking in the sun, being exposed to everything which may be beneficial, or ultraviolet. How can we discern without such exposure? Feed your soul well to be able to digest the essence of life.

The Dehumanisation Of Our Humanity

What ruin someone’s faith are genitals and stomachs. They are always eager for more, and we go in vain beyond our capacity to satisfy them.” The encapsulation of all genocides and brutality.

Snippets of a documentary I always watch, and it always makes me on the verge of tears. We can neither deal with our own mortality nor with the mortality of others before our eyes! We are not destined to witness such gruesome scene. This is an Israeli man described his fear of a Palestinian child, therefore he shot her forehead as he thought that child was going to bombard him.

An American soldier described the last moments of an Iraqi before he got killed, “That sacred, crying man peeing himself”. I think we, human beings, can not memorize the cosmic covenant of befriending each other.

I stopped watching TV seven years ago to be able to accept who I am and my surroundings. Others are different, but their differences are not lethal. Greed is an inward monster may defy and defeat fiercely our humane nature.The message is wrongly conveyed only to disperse you and me. The last message is what we know!

“Forget the nonsense categories of there and here, race, nation, religion, starting point and destination”, Rumi.

The link, https://youtu.be/ShttAt5xtto