The Dehumanisation Of Our Humanity

What ruin someone’s faith are genitals and stomachs. They are always eager for more, and we go in vain beyond our capacity to satisfy them.” The encapsulation of all genocides and brutality.

Snippets of a documentary I always watch, and it always makes me on the verge of tears. We can neither deal with our own mortality nor with the mortality of others before our eyes! We are not destined to witness such gruesome scene. This is an Israeli man described his fear of a Palestinian child, therefore he shot her forehead as he thought that child was going to bombard him.

An American soldier described the last moments of an Iraqi before he got killed, “That sacred, crying man peeing himself”. I think we, human beings, can not memorize the cosmic covenant of befriending each other.

I stopped watching TV seven years ago to be able to accept who I am and my surroundings. Others are different, but their differences are not lethal. Greed is an inward monster may defy and defeat fiercely our humane nature.The message is wrongly conveyed only to disperse you and me. The last message is what we know!

“Forget the nonsense categories of there and here, race, nation, religion, starting point and destination”, Rumi.

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