This Is For India

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So the history of the modern state can also be read as the history of race, bringing together the stories of two kinds of victims of European political modernity: the internal victims of state building and the external victims of imperial expansion. Hannah Arendt noted this in her monumental study on the Holocaust, which stands apart for one reason: rather than talk about the uniqueness of the Holocaust, Arendt sited it in the imperial history of genocide. The history she sketched was that of European settlers killing off native populations. Arendt understood the history of imperialism through the workings of racism and bureaucracy, institutions forged in the course of European expansion into the non-European world: “Of the two main political devices of imperialist rule, race was discovered in South Africa, and bureaucracy in Algeria, Egypt and India.” Hannah Arendt’s blind spot was the New World. Both racism and genocide had occurred in the American colonies earlier than in South Africa. The near decimation of Native Americans through a combination of slaughter, disease, and dislocation was, after all, the first recorded genocide in modern history.

Those are Mahmood Mamdani’s words. My prayers and supplications for India and all the oppressed!


  1. How true your words. History shows enslavery at one time in almost all nations. If not technically defined, at least a beaten down class of people deprived of all matters of human dignity. How sad that we haven’t grown as a species and see its ugly intolerance even today.

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  2. Come on, sistah! Let’s be clear! The Roman Empire did not end. It simply became the Vatican and its compilation of death, inquisition and crusade… for about two millennia.
    And just now… it seems we are in another period of mass extermination, based on their new campaign of supremacist conquest… which has begun in Wuhan.
    It was reported 10 years ago. They call it ‘The Anglo-Saxon mission’.

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