Our recent history should have made one thing clear. Women’s rights are human rights. Any foreign policy that fails to recognize this effectively dehumanizes half the human race.

What I am currently reading after I finished reading a hasidic woman’s biography. I am going to write about it next time!Thanks for your likes, comments, and support!

12 thoughts on “Misogyny

  1. The bias against women that still exists today within certain nations is appalling. Within their culture, religion and politics. It’s abusive, inhumane and beyond simple discrimination. Their laws are used for controlling, beating down and enslaving human beings! How can the world stand by and do nothing when these atrocities are taking place.
    We all know (including the counties that practice this) that this is horribly wrong! The rest of the modern world should rise up together and demand these harmful and outdated practices cease immediately. Or Else! Because sadly without, these afflicted women will continue to suffer the great indignities that no other member of the human species must, or should endure.
    Its far time we as caring human beings, stopped looking away.

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  2. I have read of so many injustices to women in other countries, other parts of the world, that defy a mind to even think of, much less to understand. There is so much about some people’s beliefs that are dark, archaic and in a dark age there should be no place for in any culture, yet they remain. It defies all logic, all sense of any compassion for in what they do, nothing remains of humanity. I look forward to reading more. I look forward to a day when such attacks cease to happen and for positive change to come to those caught in this place where freedom does not exist.


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