The Death Row

Today is another traumatic day in my home. Today, some parents will spend their day without their beloved child. Another family startlingly lost their breadwinner. From now on, pain gets inextricable from some families in Egypt. In the beginning, I thought it was another morning, but I was mistaken. It was the last day for... Continue Reading →


It Is Not Pleasant Being Arab

I have not been blogging for a couple of weeks. However, I was thinking of what should be the next topic throughout that time. I was watching some documentary movies about sex trafficking because of wars, poverty, or maybe illiteracy. In Yemen, a kid got married before puberty, which was according to her father "we... Continue Reading →

A Month Of Psychiatric Treatment

Now I have been using this blog for a month. Nothing has changed, but I am over the moon. Euphoria exists in mindset not through materiality. This enchantment has a reason. I do not need to live up to anything. This blog is my podium to speak my mind and get rid of relics. Hopefully... Continue Reading →

A Voluntary Isolation

Have you ever imagined your life without social media? I have an inclination to delete everything. I do not know if it is depression or maturity. I do not take any photos nor selfies. I am not fond of sharing my day-to-day life with others especially online. Since2016, I have been using internet to serve... Continue Reading →

Your Threadbare Notions

A month ago I was reading a banned book in my country which is The Milestones because according to the authority, it calls for terrorism. Ironically, I fell in love with this book since it highlights how Islam came down to solve real issues. The verses came down partly according to the current situation then.... Continue Reading →


At that very moment I am looking for any loopholes in the laws of my life. Any leniency to relieve my pain. Any numbness to stop feeling any burdens. Is it aging? No. I am still young, but my heart has wrinkles and my mind needs a cane to move forward. I am obsessed with... Continue Reading →

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