Buy Into Yourself

You may tilt and fall apart, but it does not matter. Your perseverance what counts. Your persistence is the generator. The world is your oyster. There is no limit to the opportunities open to you. Mediocrity is a state not a stigma. It is a recursive echo to regain my appetite for life.

Without Any Embellishments

This moment is one of the darkest ones ever. I am standing on my own. I am surrounded by family, relatives, and friends. However, no one of them has a significant role in my life. They are mere passersby. I always remember this poem especially in such moments which is "do not reconcile even if … Continue reading Without Any Embellishments

A Typical Reminder

Stop this farce. No one is the culpable but you. Switch your role from a mere victim to be the perpetrator without any accessories. It is your life and you are the sole protagonist! There is no need to cry over the spilt milk anymore. Shiny morning!

The Taboo

Have a look on this portrait. How ugly it is, indeed. It is usual to witness such scene in villages. In Egypt where poverty consumes people's souls, where mob justice and laws prevail. A fifteen year old girl gets married to a sixty year old tourist from Gulf States. He has money, she has beauty, … Continue reading The Taboo