We Are The Scum Of The Earth

That beautiful woman with curly hair has been deserted for more than sixty years. She is sitting on the floor, pent-up, bare with consternation. Before her eyes, there is a slaughtered sheep. It was brutally killed as it was, reportedly, rabid. There are two dogs. Ostensibly, they are making love but this is far away... Continue Reading →


Shams Tabrizi

It is never late to ask yourself "Am I ready to change my life, am I ready to change myself?". However old we are, whatever we went through, it is always possible to reborn. If each day is a copy of the last one, what a pity! Every breath is a chance to reborn. But... Continue Reading →

Hocus Pocus

Before the Arab Spring, we thought there were no individuals in the Middle East. This was the prologue of a book about the Middle East before and after revolutions. This sentence was nothing but the reality. We are not the luckiest on earth, except those in North Korea, as we can emigrate to another country.... Continue Reading →

The Last Quarter of 2019

I have only three months to change some things in my life. First and foremost, I will look more at the mirror praising my facial features and challenging myself. Yes. I accept who I am, but I can be better. Three months to go on a vegan diet sounds good! Secondly, let bygones be bygones,... Continue Reading →


Hello Omar, I am Christin, When I read your message, I smiled once, and grieved twice. Smiled because of women's instinct to like flirtation and compliments even if they deny it. And grieved twice, once over you, and once over me. It is the curse of beauty, Omar! The curse that kills everyone. It inflicts... Continue Reading →

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