Imam Ali on Intellect

A person’s intellect becomes apparent through his dealings, and a man’s character is known by the way he exercises authority.

The intellect is a king and characteristics are its subjects, so if it is weak in governing them, disorder takes place.

The intellect is better than desire, for the intellect makes you a king over your destiny, and desire makes you a slave of your destiny.

The intellect is a natural disposition which learns from experience.

The intellect is what arrives at what is correct through reasoning, and recognizes what has not yet happened through what has already taken place.

Use your intellect to understand something when you hear about it-the intellect that examines, that is, and not just the intellect that repeats what it hears, for surely there are many who repeat the knowledge that they hear, and there are few who examine it.

The one who has an intellect longs to be like the righteous people so that he can be of one of them, and he loves them so that he can be united with them in his love, even if he falls short in emulating their actions.

The one who has an intellect does not openly display it except in one of two situations: when he is furthest away from seeking something in the world, and when he is furthest away from abandoning it.

Surely hated adversity has final objectives in which it will inevitably end, so the one who has an intellect should try to sleep over it until this happens, for surely any attempt to stop it before it has come to an end will only intensify that hated diversity even more.

The first opinion of the person of intellect is the last opinion of an ignorant person.

The one who has an intellect finds harshness of life amongst persons of intellect more agreeable than a life of ease amongst the foolish.

I Also Quit The Race Of Labels

Be this, be that!

They said be a woman, be a man 

Be strong, fight back they said, but wait Who’s “they”? Could they be us?

Be a human, be confident          

Feel strong, feel weak, trust your gut

Be a human

Dress up, dress down. Wear heels, walk barefoot. Dress whatever you like. Wear makeup, surprise yourself.    

Tired of labels? Me too.

Be a human, not a super human. Be a change-maker, speak out, shout loud

There are things to be done. Help them happen

Help others, be selfish. Reign, serve.       

Be a human.

Make love, make money.

Buy flowers, pick flowers,give flowers.      

Be feminine, be masculine.

Only you define it

Have two, have none.   

Be feminist, be activist, be optimist

Be a friend, a friend of yourself.  

Be a human, just be.

These words are quoted from a video on YouTube and it deeply resonates!