Humanity Is The Only Arbiter

Take a look at the mirror. Yes! We are similar, the same features, the same mold. There are some differences, but still nuances. I am Gehad, Muslim, and my mission is to reclaim and instill peace on the earth as the successor of The Almighty. Ironically, Adah is assigned to the same mission, Hari Krishna … Continue reading Humanity Is The Only Arbiter

The Mirage

This hectic life is prompting you to keep pace with it neglecting your heart and soul. You frantically go here and there to pay for your house bills oblivious of what is wearing away your soul. There is a void in everyone's life no matter where they live, in the United States of America or … Continue reading The Mirage

A Sudden Whim

There is a chapter sounded abhorrent and endless then. However, the conclusion of this chapter is the compass to guide us in the coming ones. Without savouring, how can we distinguish and estimate the highs well? Between I and my world, there are many shanties. Shall we pass them together until we get to the … Continue reading A Sudden Whim

A Quote

When you hear dirty story wash your ears. When you see ugly stuff wash your eyes. When you get bad thoughts wash your mind. and Keep your feet muddy.


Yesterday I spent the whole night watching controversial subjects about religions, hijab, marriage, immigrants, harassment, bullying,etc. Ironically, I have found it is a relic more than mere teachings. In China, if you turn 27 years old without getting married, you will get stigmatized as a leftover. In Egypt, you wear nikap, hijab, bikini,etc, does not … Continue reading Nothing