Yesterday I spent the whole night watching controversial subjects about religions, hijab, marriage, immigrants, harassment, bullying,etc. Ironically, I have found it is a relic more than mere teachings. In China, if you turn 27 years old without getting married, you will get stigmatized as a leftover. In Egypt, you wear nikap, hijab, bikini,etc, does not matter since you are a woman. In the villages, females genital mutilation is the safeguard against such brutality. Why is there timing? I think, according to my humble viewpoint, it exists to fully accomplish things not forcefully! A specific time to get a certificate. A specific time to get a well paid job. A specific time to get married. A specific time to buy your own car and house. One of your offsprings should be a doctor, and the other one an engineer. A horrific alarm to live up to others’ expectations not to get an outcast. Is it the fault of religion? No. It is the decrepit heirloom. Let’s have a look on the shimmering side, on the positivity as Allah honoured Adam and his offsprings. Singapore is a country where compatriots have nothing in common, neither facial features nor the same doctrine. However, they converged and were capable of being one fabric. It was because of consciousness and education. They have recently elected a Muslim, female wearing hijab, one of the minority as a president of one nation. To dissipate the fallacy of highlighting religions as inconveniences. Definitely, the obstacles dwell somewhere, but they are hallucinations and ailments surrounding you in the form of traditions, relatives, and these futile limits. In Quran, the first verse was about learning and reading to illuminate your heart and broaden your horizons. Paganism is still existing only because they are afraid to tomorrow, of not being able to keep up with others. Thus stagnation would be a face-saving deal at any expenses, but not mine.


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  1. Well You definitely sound As egyptian person 😀 😀 anyway maybe there IS a really timing for human nature… Not About money but About bringing offsprings… You know that Every woman has productive time cca 10 years since 20-30. And since this there IS. Great push on the man to provide the stability of the life for her And Kids.. So its About to keep the human nature Alive 🙂 And second point at the end everything is in Alláh hands 🙂

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  2. My heart goes out to you and to all who suffer persecution for race, religion, gender or other cultural reasons. Be encouraged in the Lord God, who sees and cares. Thank you for following my blog. I will keep you in my prayers for protection, peace, and enlightenment in this chaotic world.

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