Humanity Is The Only Arbiter

Take a look at the mirror. Yes! We are similar, the same features, the same mold. There are some differences, but still nuances. I am Gehad, Muslim, and my mission is to reclaim and instill peace on the earth as the successor of The Almighty. Ironically, Adah is assigned to the same mission, Hari Krishna and George adopt the same principle of spreading love and peace. I am tenuous and you too. The same bullet may kill both of us, the same joke rejoices me and you. My body could succumb to a lethal disease and you as well as we have the same organs and the same immunity. We are, human beings, inextricable fabric. Your goes to unravel it, would kill me and you. I hope what is going on now is a milestone to reach the required destination where we can converge. Humanity before religiosity. May Allah accept all the martyrs in jannah, Aameen!

An amputee longing for my humanity.

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