We Are The Scum Of The Earth

That beautiful woman with curly hair has been deserted for more than sixty years. She is sitting on the floor, pent-up, bare with consternation. Before her eyes, there is a slaughtered sheep. It was brutally killed as it was, reportedly, rabid. There are two dogs. Ostensibly, they are making love but this is far away from the truth! They are two males; one of them is indigent, afraid, and straight. While the other one is powerful, bloodsucker, and homosexual. Therefore, the indigent has nothing to do but lying down with bile. It is everyday practice with humiliation and utter submission.

The military guardian looks stern and vigilant. His paunch elucidates how satiating his diet is. We are perplexed if he is standing for dignity, or watching spoils. The scene is full of gory details and gloom.

That woman is voluble, but she is not allowed to have a say. When she wants to open up, she gets scorned and understated. She is sterile, they always covet everything she owns albeit. A suspicion of having precious gems or mere trinkets!

Hopefully, you will understand my point as I can not explicate any further. We are still watching that farce.

This is Walid Ebeid’s painting


35 thoughts on “We Are The Scum Of The Earth

  1. Can you actually have a rabid sheep? I shall think twice before I venture forth into the meadow, and is the gay dog a sheep-dog because that would explain a lot of things; I don,t think dogs make love by the way.

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  2. It’s an ugly truth about an ugly painting. I can’t say I like it. On the other hand I cannot deny the truth of it. These things are a part of our lives whether we are personally involved or not. Even as innocent bystanders we are not innocent because we allow these things to exist. The woman obviously has much to say. But since it is about things we do not want to believe, she must be silent. We cannot hear. We cannot believe. Yes. Your view of the painting is chillingly accurate.

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  3. Oops … “We allow these things to exist”
    There’s an old saying, words to the effect “Never argue with the man with the gun”. For obvious reasons. (In these days of gender-equality I guess it should read “You never argue with the person with the gun”; whatever, but the point is madeβ€”and made again in the drawing, no?

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