Experiences Vs DNA

Finally I finished reading “DNA is not destiny” book, and indeed it was a page turner one. Many times, I echoed that question whether experiences can change our traits, or even defeat our genes or not. I never got the answer until I read that informative book!

If we trace our origins, we will find out that all human beings belong to one forefather “Adam”. However, we have different outlooks, productivity, complexions, languages, races, even different continents to live in. This is due to the environment and its circumstances. As we, human beings, have created that loathsome word “RACES”. Therefore, we incline to categorise others’ education, crime rates, IQ, etc, based on it.

Black people, reportedly, do not get tertiary education. Arabs are living in that stagnant pond of retardation because of their tribal genes. So, they can neither deal with technology nor the contemporary era. Africans have low IQ. White students do much better than other races in schools. All these examples show how influential the environment is. Lock up people in the same room with typical circumstances, then we can rely only on genes.

I remembered Maslow’s hierarchy theory and the former president “Barack Obama”. He would not have been Mr. President, unless he had left his African country. Firstly, he fulfilled his basic needs living in a dreamlike place such as the United States of America. Thus, he was able to better his life pursuing his education at one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Rising up the ladder requires full bellies and safety, otherwise, we would be mere predators devoid of intellect.

I myself would never be the same person without going through some abhorrent situations. We are infants, toddlers, teenagers, adults, elderlies, with no differences, only the exposure to different boundaries what makes us different inwardly and outwardly. Reading that book is definitely a must!

6 thoughts on “Experiences Vs DNA

  1. DNA counts for something but it’s the environment that matters most. Give me work ethic and you can keep your talent. Work ethic always beat talents when talent doesn’t work hard. And a good environment always beats a bad one in which generic giftedness is found. This is truest when it comes to happiness. Happiness is all about “experiences,” as you say. But it is also true for many other life outcomes. Like success in school, relationships, and work. Destiny isn’t coded in advance, it’s developed over time in a long and arduous process.

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  2. Man is a created being: The fact of creation can be verified by the individualistic behavior displayed by the DNA molecule. Genetically identical clones sharing the same genome exist as Individuals with Individuality. Apart from the man, all living things exist as Individuals, distinct, unique, original, one of its own kind of things. In fact, two daughter cells are not identical.
    I view food as a spiritual medium provided by the Creator for the Living Cells are thermodynamically unstable. It means that the Living Cell needs an external source of energy throughout its existence.
    Plants trap solar energy using the process called photosynthesis. This ability of plants is not contributed by the man’s physical or mental work while it can be true to claim that the man labors on the field to raise the food crops. When man consumes food, he experiences satiation, psychological satisfaction, and mental contentment for he recognizes LORD God Creator’s Mercy, Grace, and Compassion.

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