How You Can Master English From A To Z Without Paying A Penny!

If you want to study abroad rocketing your future, you have to learn English. Diseases are terrifying, unexpected, yet they can be treated and cured if you are acquainted with its disorders. English is the language of science and research. We are locked up into the same room, insulars, parochial, digest only what we receive. What changes this loathsome condition is ENGLISH. Politics, history, education, health, better places to live in, second opportunities, etc rely on English and better comprehension.

“People may say mastering English is out of reach as it requires bulging our bank accounts in the first place. You would never learn English, unless you mingle with native English speakers and only native English speakers. I was born and raised in Egypt and willing to spend the rest of my life there. Therefore, it is utterly ridiculous to waste time on learning. I would never learn, I am a nonentity!” All these are mere hallucinations and superstitions. We are living in the third millennium where the internet is easily accessible to everyone. You only need your persistence and determination to outstrip.

Once upon a time, in 2011, there was an Egyptian girl, a fresh graduate, a hopeful, but the atmosphere shattered her dreams. Wherever she went, predestination forced her to return empty handed. There were that moments of crying, despair, and even envy. After four years of going back and forth, she made up her mind and decided to break the mold. She set off her new solo journey of learning and immersion. Now, that mature woman is running her own blog, ironically, that blog is in English, not in her mother tongue. Besides that, she is about to move up her ladder and have a glittering career.

Success and failure are two sides of the same coin. Who never savoured failure, would never appreciate the taste of success. Hopefully, I can inspire even one person to better his/her life someday. Let me tell you what I have done to learn English in detail.

  • First and foremost, you have to study and write down whatever you read, others’ hints, and tips. English consists of grammar and vocabularies, so dismissing any of them may ruin the entire journey.
  • Follow Michael Youssef’s plan as he is my role model and thousands as well.
  • Surround yourself with English as much as possible, download BBC prodcast, watch documentaries and turn on CC.
  • Download Hellotalk, thus you can make friends from all over the world to chat with them, correcting each other’s posts, and grammatical mistakes.
  • There is another useful application which is Lingebe. Lingebe is a good option for those who prefer anonymity because it is only for calls.
  • Currently, my only pastime is to read through anybooks application, but it is suitable for advanced-upper intermediate users.

Patience is the key to get to your desirable destination, otherwise the vehicle would jerk then flip! It took me three years to get where I am today. It may be longer or shorter according to the person and their utmost effort. A couple of years to enlighten the other decades on earth.

  • Useful applications: Hellotalk, Quora, Reverso, Lingebe, Oxford dictionary, Anybooks, BBC news, BBC podcast, The Guardian.
  • Some useful channels on YouTube: Real Stories, Al-Jazeera English, TEDx, DW, 60 Minutes, CBS news, etcetera.

Beginners’ plan,

A good plan for intermediate level,

Who prepare for IELTS,

Life is about evolution. Don’t stay put!

67 thoughts on “How You Can Master English From A To Z Without Paying A Penny!

    1. Hi! Yes. I felt so in the beginning but persistence will definitely surmount. Practise, read, listen, and mimic the style. There are useful links on the post, check them out please!


  1. Thanks for the tips and for visiting my blog. I taught journalism for a decade and used to tell students there are three ways to master a language. First: read books Second: read books Third: read books.

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  2. I moved across to the other side of the world as a little girl with my family. We had not a word of english between us, living in a country where just about everything was new and different. I guess having moved at such a young age it was not hard for me to learn the language. In fact, i was the first one in the family to do so. So yes, forced immersion certainly works.
    Of course for an adult it is very different. And harder. Hats off to you for persisting. And good luck with your endearvours. I also wanted to come by and say thank you for the follow of my blog.

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      1. Grass is always greener on the other side! The present condition is looking that way but Egyptian civilization is still regarded as the most advanced and amazing civilizations ever known to mankind!

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      2. They were my grandparents, but offsprings are by far different from them. I don’t like bragging or gabbing because it was our past and only past!


      3. Same here. Our culture and our entire way of life have changed over the last 200 years. More damaging than the entire history before that put together!

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  3. Your post is wonderfully written and your writing is more worthy than a lot of Americans. I feel if one is serious about mastering another language then read, read, read! Your blog is refreshing and thanks for following BrewNSpew.πŸ˜‰

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  4. Super job with your English especially in writing everything down. . I would add you need to learn the culture of English as well.For example, how formal would you be in a conversation say at a concert or sporting event? Do you practice American idioms?

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  5. Here’s something non-native English speakers may not suspect. We native English speakers are generally quite easygoing about ESL speakers. If we can figure out what you are trying to say, we’ll go with it. Most people won’t correct you unless you ask us to. We have someunderstanding of how difficult and capricious English is, so we’re not condescending about errors. And thanks for following my blog.


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