Marriage What Makes Our Lives, As Women, Uneventful!

Definitions belong only to the definer, not the defined.

She may be called a spinster in the Middle East, or a leftover in the Far East which elucidates how sketchy her self image is without a man. Ironically, if a man does not get married, it is because he is not willing to do so. On the other hand, if a woman does not get married, this means she is a relic, a surplus, etc!

every society accumulated layer upon layer of cultural ideas and norms that have little to do with biology. Societies associate a host of attributes with masculinity and femininity that, for the most part, lack a firm biological basis!

In a larger space, for example in North Korea, the sexes become segregated. At mealtime, the women huddle together over a low wooden table near the kitchen, eating cornmeal, which was cheaper and less nutritious than rice, the preferred staple of North Koreans. The father and son eat rice at their own table.

At the time, girls are not supposed to ride bicycles. There is a social stigma. People think it unsightly and sexually suggestive, and periodically the Workers’ Party have issued formal edicts, making it technically illegal.Therefore, if a girl rode a bicycle, men would try to pass her on their bicycles, cursing her for her audacity.
“You’re going to tear your cunt,” they would scream at her. Ironically, North Korea is not a religious country, but it is as abhorrent as the Arab world.

Ostensibly, objectification turns us, as women, into a burden which prompts the society to get rid of even if the ring will turn into handcuffs!

Without marriage, the rhythm of your life will get cacophonous. However, marriage is a contract which is based on mutual consent between a man and a woman to fulfil their sexual needs and support each other. There are neither slaves nor masters. It is an equation of caretaker with woman’s resourcefulness.

The picture shows what was prohibited for women in the medieval history because of culture and only culture! We still have miles of illumination to go before we sleep.

28 thoughts on “Marriage What Makes Our Lives, As Women, Uneventful!

  1. Good post. Until we (men and women) stop trying to control each other, little is likely to change. As a man, I am horrified by the abuses perpetrated on women, by men, trying to retain power. Power is only powerful, when it is shared.

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  2. Brava! i am a man and i can say from many years of life that men are, on the whole, quite shallow and stupid. Women who allow these sorts of “men” to boss and objectify them are equally stupid. Thanks for the “follow.” Barking shall always endeavor to inform, anger – and amuse. continue….

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  3. The superiority of men over women is a lie that has been perpetuated for centuries by religions as a means to overshadow the power of the feminine energy. Even in countries where women seem more liberated there is the dark shadow of sexism that waits in the shadows for any opportunity to put women ‘back in their place.’ I don’t think the answer lies in women trying to prove they can do all the things men do but to emphasize that we deserve the right to be whatever it is we envision for ourselves without feeling guilty or somehow failing to fit into a mold. We cannot fade into the background ever again. This world needs our love, wisdom and strength.

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  4. Hi

    Thank you. I am happy to see your comment. It gives me a thoughtful thinking and am  happy for that.


    According to a popular literature book “””. Dear ijeawele or a feminist manifesto in fifteen suggestions “””

    FEMINIST Adichie Chimanmanda Ngozi she says in her book:

    “””” Never speak of marriage as an achievement. Find ways to make clear to her that marriage is not
    an achievement, nor is it what she should aspire to. A marriage can be happy or unhappy, but it
    is not an achievement. We condition girls to aspire to marriage and we do not condition boys to aspire to marriage,
    and so there is already a terrible imbalance at the start. “”””

    So the society as turned marriage as an achievement for women, which is not proper. Marriage should be a CHOICE thing not a MUST thing.

    This was something very different and yet perfectly related to. The choice of words and metaphors is wonderful and makes everything seem so realistic. The way how women in this society are treated and grief-stricken is completely and beautifully portrayed. I could feel my eyes moisten while reading some lines. What a masterpiece!! Kudos to you!!


    From PATRICK

    Peace ✌and Love ❤

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  5. Thanks for liking my post.


    I appreciate that very much.

    You are welcome

    Thanks for that

    I appreciate that very much.

    You are welcome

    Peace ✌and Love ❤

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  6. An insightful and painful awareness that women in these countries were treated like objects and not as human beings. Hearing the term “the old boys club” as I often did in my youth… haunts me. Our Ancestors fought and paved the road for modern women. Still many struggles for women everywhere. Thank you for your words. And thank you for liking my post!

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