The Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

What has happened in Turkey and Syria reminds me how fleeting and unpredictable this life is! For someone who is based in Egypt witnessed the revolutions and its repercussions such as insecurity, crackdowns, and gory scenes, I thought there would never be any harsher thing to experience in this life but I was mistaken. A five-minute shake was enough to turn everything upside down and erase life away from those places. I thought the current situation with the unprecedented inflation rate in Egypt was the most difficult thing could ordinary people experience. I, myself, think cautiously when I buy necessary things from the market. It is unimaginable how exorbitant prices are with more than 100% inflation rate and with the same meagre salaries (most of us barely earn 100usd monthly).

My heart goes out to Turkish and Syrian people for this calamity. I feel the Earth is retaliating and punishing us for choosing to be transgressors, imperialists, greedy, double-faced, hyperbolic, and bloodsuckers. Sometimes, I feel nothing towards my people other than sympathy. Ignorance and poverty snatch humanity away from us and they beget nothing but violence, barbarians who swoop down over vulnerable people, and arbitrary. I feel the whole world is on the verge of collapse and maybe we are too late to heed lessons. Sorry for being pessimistic about the future, but it is already blurry and gloomy!


6 thoughts on “The Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

  1. I like the first part of your post, but the second part “the earth is retaliating and punishing” is a cliche. The poor, ordinary and middle-class victims got ‘punished’, while the rich living in solid structures are spared does not rationalize your statement.

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  2. Nature never ceases to surprise us. Unfortunately, most of these surprises are devastating. Maybe our transgressions are also responsible for this hostile behavior by nature, but this is way more than we mortals can bear.


  3. It takes a mere moment to shift our perspectives on the trials of life. Whatever looms before our own eyes seems huge until some great move, like this earthquake, pulls our eyes away from our own circle to a point beyond ourselves. But it does not stop there. This earthquake in Turkey and Syria, horrendous as it is, pales next to the cataclysmic events foretold in Revelation. The only way to endure and persevere through calamity is to look beyond the scope of the destruction to One Who is greater still. If we look to God and gain His perspective on this life in the earth, then no matter how severe the calamity, we will draw from the source of life, the source of strength, the source of compassion to bring our best to the circumstance. And we do this not for the sake of our journey alone, but for the sake of all those who need our help.

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