I Also Quit The Race Of Labels

Be this, be that!

They said be a woman, be a man 

Be strong, fight back they said, but wait Who’s “they”? Could they be us?

Be a human, be confident          

Feel strong, feel weak, trust your gut

Be a human

Dress up, dress down. Wear heels, walk barefoot. Dress whatever you like. Wear makeup, surprise yourself.    

Tired of labels? Me too.

Be a human, not a super human. Be a change-maker, speak out, shout loud

There are things to be done. Help them happen

Help others, be selfish. Reign, serve.       

Be a human.

Make love, make money.

Buy flowers, pick flowers,give flowers.      

Be feminine, be masculine.

Only you define it

Have two, have none.   

Be feminist, be activist, be optimist

Be a friend, a friend of yourself.  

Be a human, just be.

These words are quoted from a video on YouTube and it deeply resonates!