Rahaf’s Scarecrow

In the last week media outlets had nothing to talk about but Saudi girl “Rahaf” who fled because of her parents’ abuse. Her act and bravery to speak out is not a day-to-day thing that we, as Arab people, are accustomed to. I always believe that holy religions came down to get rid of paganism, so there is no person nor symbol to be worshipped including parents.

The Almighty bestows parents with offspring, so that they instill the values and education in them what these parents were deprived of! Not to pollute them with abuse, hatred, and hostility which will result in scarecrows entombed into their cast unable to reveal anything. These pent-up emotions cause psychological harm and stagnation. I was debating with my mother about Rahaf and I was by far exhilarated. My mother was unpleasant and immediately asked me about my standpoint since it is forbidden to abandon her family in such way. I replied that Rahaf was facing a life-and-death issue. There was not that luxury of making the best choice. She was on the brink of getting beheaded, kidnapped, imprisoned, or living on her own overseas. I asked my mother a question which was ” the Almighty enjoined Muslims to treat their offspring mercifully”. Thus, instead of debating about obeying parents, we should rather spotlight the problem of parents’ authoritarianism towards their children in the first place. kids mimic their parents closely, so they sow hatred, vulgarity, segregation, arrogance,etc, they will reap the same and unfortunately these toxic qualities will embed and metastasize without any hope of remission. It was no surprise when I heard that she renounced Islam. The unjustified brutality of her family’s deeds seemed inseparable from the holy teachings according to her standpoint. It is natural because we all go astray before our personalities are fully solidified. Politics is squalid and the breeding ground for dysfunction. Little by little I get more convinced that humankind has gotten more animalistic holding advanced devices in their hands. It is our dreadful era with this shallow farce. I hope every oppressed woman gets freedom and self-actualisation in that inferno, The Middle East.