Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth


My Birthday

On my birthday, I feel I am where I should be at my convenience and pace. I thought I was lagging behind, but the truth is that I was fully equipping myself to move swiftly outracing all my counterparts.

I am grateful for everything and indebted to my environment with its flaws and critiques. Thankful as I exist in such an easy era to master and learn approximately everything without virtually serious obstacles. To cite an example, you can be a daughter of an illiterate mother with dogmatic roots and be passionate about your own life and choices.

Fortunately, background has little to do nowadays as we can evolve and prosper without much exertion. We only need temporary seclusion, stamina, and stop being easily susceptible. Life is endearing, short, and just.

From A Caterpillar To A Butterfly!

   After a couple of hours I will turn 29 years old, but I consider myself  a toddler who is still stumbling. Currently, I need nothing but Allah’s boon to keep getting up at 4 am to study for GMAT on my own. I always say that I am a free spirit with some bruises and gashes. A wanderer who gets throbbed and thrusted by life many times. A woman who has everything simple except her goals in this world. A woman who deep down believes in her self-aggrandisement after savouring life’s bitterness.

    Order is not woven in the tapestry of life. DNA is fallacy. Puritanism is the other side of illiteracy. Misogyny shows well that you are in a state of stupor. Your chauvinism has turned that place into a dystopian society.

   It is my birthday and my first-year blogging as well. I have been writing for a year. This blog helped me vent what I felt then. It was a good means instead of crying and cursing everything around. You do not know how grateful I am for your unexpected support. Finally, I am working on my last goal to better my life then I will definitely be able to help. That butterfly is still dwelling into her cocoon but out of preparation not docility. You have to duck and digest those feelings of failure and loss well. They are the spurs to blossom.

Happy New Year and may Allah shower your lives with happiness, contentment, and prosperity! My apologies for the delay in replying but I am super busy even I do not get enough sleep. Excuse me please!