A Typical Reminder

Stop this farce. No one is the culpable but you. Switch your role from a mere victim to be the perpetrator without any accessories. It is your life and you are the sole protagonist!

There is no need to cry over the spilt milk anymore.

Shiny morning!


The Upside Down

It is clear my mother tongue is not English. Actually English is my second language besides my native language, Arabic. It took time, efforts, and social sacrifices to get where I am now Alhamdulillah. I have learnt through my journey that one tongue means isolation. One language means hearing from one side and resorting to the same side to understand what the other one wants to convey. It sounds a maze, a loathsome one, especially, if this language is the language of the globe. It is not only about having better sources of sustenance, but also a new outlook. It helps you to circulate these stale notions about the other side. People, where I live, are afraid of opening to not ruin their minds. I had a conversation once with a friend about the West. She said “I have learnt their language, but I am not as open-minded as them as she knows only erotic fantasy about Westerners”. I wondered her talk and superficial conclusions.

Throughout the two years of studying English, I have met people who are more faithful than any Muslim raised in any Arab country. I have learnt how to uproot myself from exaggeration and hypocrisy because of these friends. I can not stand molding others resulting in cordoning my mind off contemplation under the name of buffering my own self!
Open-mindedness means taking off clothes, uttering vulgar words, renouncing your religion, etc according to some people’s viewpoints. However, open-mindedness means being exposed to everything and awareness is the ruler then. It is not about isolation, but rather analysis.
Ironically, it is the same mentality of regimes. Many governments ban specific book not to ruin the public’s mentalities which is a ludicrous superstition. The real aim is to prolong their reign by not revive outmoded mindsets. The more ignorant you are, the easier their mission gets. We exist to seek illumination on this earth. It was the first verse on Koran asking each Muslim to read.

In Egypt, there are many banned books such as the milestones after its author was hung over. Indeed, a word equals a soul since it carves its niche in people’s heart and mind. Moreover, I have known recently Gibran Khalil Gibran’s books are banned in Saudi Arabia as well. Why? Because he said “your children come from you, but they don’t belong to you. Your children belong to the life itself and life never tarries with yesterday”. How pathetic this methodology is especially now. The world gets smaller and internet is easily accessible to all.
I wish I positively change and reach my endeavours as soon as possible. I wish everyone meets contently their soul and debates with their mind. I wish I can dissipate fallacies someday. I wish you learn Arabic to change your minds as well, hopefully in a positive way.

Inner peace!

The Taboo

Have a look on this portrait. How ugly it is, indeed. It is usual to witness such scene in villages. In Egypt where poverty consumes people’s souls, where mob justice and laws prevail. A fifteen year old girl gets married to a sixty year old tourist from Gulf States. He has money, she has beauty, such a combination!. He has the power to choose among girls, she is pathetically a plaything.

One of the companions said once “if poverty was a man, I would kill him”. Why did he talk only about poverty? Not oppression, not ignorance, nor any illnesses. Poverty is a maze game taking your privacy away from you. You have to tell others about your condition when you ask them for money. You have to implore when you urgently need something, but your pockets are empty. Your friends gradually get fewer and fewer. You are not the most lovable one in your family!

Who has everything luxurious and echoes money is not everything. I would like to say, you are mistaken since your freedom to make more choices is based on how much money you do have. The more money you make, the more choices you can make. Money is a mean of exchange. Imagine you deep down need something, but you change your mind because you have to.

I never blame those who resort to the worst means to live on, for instance, prostitute, or even getting married to an elderly as a cover for gaining money. I sincerely believe such demeanor exists after various trials and tribulations. We, human beings resort to live on urinate only to survive when earthquakes hit. How disgusting urinate is, but still bearable to inhale and exhale.

He can rejoice his body. She still breathes and tries to hold her own little by little. However, who is going to foot the bill? Her soul and the anguished offsprings!

Marriage, From Mercy To A Cruel Bargain!

In Arab world, family cohesion is a hallmark. However, I am deep down convinced it is not cohesion, but rather a dominion. I know well generalisation is ludicrous to classify this magnificent relationship between parents and their offsprings as an irony fist having the upper hand over everything around , but it is the reality especially where poverty and ignorance are embedded . In Egypt, for instance, divorce rate has been dramatically increasing recently. There are many reasons for this matter.

First and foremost, marriage costs vast amount of money which a middle class man may spend years and decades to make this money. Therefore, parents’ help has become a must to see their grandchildren someday. As most of families fond of showing off making others talk about how much money they spend on the wedding party, dress, banquets, gold, etc. In Islam, marriage is based on love and serenity, but human psyches have converted this sacred connection into a miserable bargain. After wedding parties, parents never stop bragging of how much money they spend since this backwards of making comparison with others. The proof of better lineage is unfortunately based on luxurious appearances, not morals nor education.

Secondly, the bride and her groom decide to marry because they have to marry now not because they want. She should marry to not be called a spinster after a couple of years. He mostly wants to prove his manhood, has children, and so on.

Finally, any quarrel between spouses requires their parents’ interference since they are the funders of this marriage resulting in the most biased judgements. I know some married people who got divorced and their ex-husbands abandoned their parental instinct ensued. Love of grown-ups is genuinely different from that of drama and movies. We, women are affectionate seeking others’ attention all the time as the community ask you to complement the portrait if you were repulsive on your own. Thus, this void will consistently insist on you to fill it with any trash coming across.

As far as I am concerned that as long as your marriage is funded by parents, your familial project is inevitably destructive. In my home, they build houses instead of relationships. They lay down presents, and banquets instead of mercy and acceptance. They care about the furniture quality more than the two persons’ matching and humanity. Marriage is much simpler than this loathsome maze. I wish I get married to a companion with my own money and decisions away from these disgusting norms.

Life Never Tarries With Yesterday

Life upbringing will teach you until you get the buffer zone without any gashes.

Get rid of all futile circles then set up your journey as a warrior single-handed diving into life.

Happiness is contagious.

The garden of the world has no limits, except in your mind.

When love beckons to you, follow it!

Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of life’s longing for itself.

Peace 💫

Frida’s Mindset, Fighting Perfection!

These people who are unable to see beyond the last scene without neither sacrifices nor sweat are undeniably abhorrent. Their cocoon prevents them from seeing tumbling and paralysis before others dust off their clothes and clamber up rung by rung. I deep down believe that we can’t succeed unless we fail firstly. We have to savour every taste life offers until we get the privilege of tucking in what is delicious and nutritious and putting aside what our mind can not digest. We came to this precarious world as an archive. Its papers are be filled with remorse, despair, triumphs,etc. How can we learn filling archives neatly at tender age without experiencing life’s whips. Two years ago I knew the surrealist, Frida Kahlo. According to my standpoint, reading autobiographies is metaphorically a cane to lean over when I get stooped because of life not aging. Frida was the role model since her ability to convert adversity and physical defects into art. She was not the sexiest woman on the earth to make ends meet and be in the limelight, but her latent talent did. She was not a mother of children to perpetuate her legacy but her misery did. Her husband was not the most faithful man the their marriage but her love was steadfast. Polio and infertiliy were not imperfections, but rather a catalyst for such paintings. There is nothing called handicap is only a state of mind. This world is our oyster, it will be generous as long as we gradually improve ourselves. Nothing is absolute, everything changes, everything revolves!