Following Dreams

In Ramdan; the month of fasting and worship I decided to take IELTS, Academic module. I had aimed at achieving 8/7.5, but my exhaustion, tiredness due to long hours,lack of concentration and time management I could not finish task 1 in writing within time. I could only write 70 words, so I got penalised as I had to write minimally 150 words. 7 was a dream five years ago and impossible to get for someone like me. My family is virtually illiterate believing that women are destined to marry and procreate, otherwise our lives would be uneventful whatever we succeed at. However, I feel I am a big failure! Thinking of how many years I spent in learning and preparing. The exertion I did and the seclusion I preferred in order to concentrate on and absorb another language.

Yes. I have become more positive stopped thinking of my past life and its regrets. Yes. I have become more magnanimous towards who/what is different believing that it is the creator’s will to create us in such a way and it is amusing to live among others as long as no one transgresses. Yes. I have become down to earth and stopped bragging about anything as they are ephemera and I only contribute to their existence without possessing them. I am indebted to everyone who has taught me intentionally or unintentionally, kindly or insolently, willingly or not. I would never be who I am without you. Yes. I would resemble my people in my periphery and their simplicity, but simplicity does not suit every phase we embark on especially that one of ambition and adventure. One step to retake IELTS, two months for GMAT, and time to let the story take wings and fly away. I deep down believe that I would be a student at a leading university soon and inspire others to get rid of shackles, mirage, and obsolete traditions.

6 thoughts on “Following Dreams

  1. Hi Gehad, I teach English as a Second Language. Language acquisition just takes practice. Do not give up on your goals. Regarding writing, a technique for improving writing is to practice listening to a CD in English and write what you hear. This will help with listening for context. For example, “My niece hurt her knees.” The words sound similar but as you write you have to analyze the context. Actually writing with pen and paper activates the brain more efficiently and reinforces memory. In test taking, consider what can be logically eliminated first; this will lead you to the correct answer. I hope my advice helps. I have taught students English for almost twenty years. I have had students from countries such as Saudi, Egypt, Korea, China, Latin America. . . .and it is confidence and a staunch refusal to give up that helped them each move to the next level. I certainly wish you great success. . .Just don’t give up; remember, you can accomplish whatever you set your mind on. Please keep me updated. . .Have a wonderful week.

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