Hope Is Stronger Than Fear

     By the end of the year I have learnt to keep the door ajar. With calamities there is relief soothing us from time to time.

Failures are catalysts, boorish and coarse people come across to show us how pathetic they are.

Do not pay any attention to rumors as they are said out of envy, so be grateful for having something enviable and then move ahead (HOLD YOUR HEAD UP HIGH ALWAYS).

Equip yourself well by studying, learning, seeking, and isolating yourself for a while.

Be thankful for being born in such era where the internet is easily accessible, a hefty amount of information is available by a click, for having such devices in our hands and within a couple of seconds it can abruptly convey our message and be a trend overnight!

Order is not woven into the tapestry of life. We are equals; we are humans.

New beginnings with mature people and positive periphery.

Made in Egypt in Arabic

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