No Guardians, No For Those Who Ruin Life Such As Taliban!

And among his wonders is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the diversity of your tongues and colours: for in this, behold, there are messages indeed for all who are possessed of [innate] knowledge.  Qur’an~

The more you expose yourself and savour what you are not accustomed to, the more magnanimous you become especially when you witness others’ mistakes. One religion, one denomination, one hue, one tribe, one standard, one place, etc are allusions to superficiality and ignorance that’s why we are obliged to learn and search. The Arabian societies are full of bigoted parochial people because they are accustomed to dealing with what/who is homogeneous otherwise you would be under scrutiny and threats. I am always longing for the melting pot and shall live in such environs someday.

We are different cosmically and are woven in the tapestry of life voluntarily.

4 thoughts on “No Guardians, No For Those Who Ruin Life Such As Taliban!

  1. Sad, but until most of humanity grasps the reality that ‘labels’ only suffice to allow the general map in order to learn more? Instead of a ‘forever’ thing upon which systems are built? enforced? Labels will continue – on and on and usually put in place for those who wish for power over others – sigh – it all just frustrates me so often, on so many fronts – and more often? I learn some labels I thought were ‘going away” are being enforced strongly through force, in my own backyard, and in the wider world – I wonder, really, what the purpose is for being an optimist/idealist overall – 😀


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