Insecure Women And Their Hostility Towards Us!

Often people that say they “don’t care” actually do. The moment they discuss you with their friends and family, compete with you, bad mouth you to others or react to anything you do or say is when they give themselves away. You can either be saddened or flattered that you effected someone so much. The perspective is yours to determine.

― Shannon L. Alder

It has been a week since I got involved in an abhorrent situation with my female colleague. Insecure women can not stand mingling with outstanding people, especially women because they realize how miniature they are! She is the sister of my manager’s wife (YES. YOU READ IT CORRECTLY!!!). She was working in another department totally different from our work, but due to the restructure; a lot of departments have been centralized and many employee had to leave their jobs moving to branches and another departments.

She is truly an Arab inclining to nepotism and mobs’ acts. She always comes to work late and no one would blurt out a word. She usually says good morning then screams at my colleagues’ faces because of nonsense, for example, one of them touched her office or did anything relating our job without taking her permission. She has no experience in our field, but her ties allowed her to have the upper hand on important business. Sometimes, I feel she still lives in the era of servitude! Imagine that she kept screaming at my face before others only because I was talking with my new colleague helping her with some papers!!!! She offended me saying nonsense and I have not complaint, then she officially complained me to the manager (HER RELATIVE) purporting that I lack respect and decorum when I talk to her!! Mohamed FIRE HER!!! I hate those people who ride waves. She knows well how conspicuous I am. I have the potentiality to get promoted within a couple of months. I cried like a homeless child. I felt crippled and pathetic and why??? from whom?? someone with no value!!!

Five years ago, I would involuntarily accept such a situation suspecting my demeanor. Now, I am a different person, secure, successful being chosen amongst hundreds and it is only because of my diligence as I have no relatives there to support me. I am a humanitarian believing in everyone’s right to live, work, opine, etc without transgressing others’ rights or trampling on their feelings! Would the Middle East change? Would our ambience get ameliorated? Recently, videos of violence and domestic abuse have become quotidian.

A syrian girl got lynched because she tainted her family’s reputation in the name of love. When retardation would stop speaking loud? When nepotism would fade away paving the road to qualified youths only? When will I be able to serve freely? When will I get the opportunity to flee getting a prestigious degree then come back to get rid of such nonsense! Deep down I know that I will win. That hopeless girl was able to learn English on her own. That pathetic girl was capable of bearing a lot of afflictions peacefully. That girl has been selected amongst hundreds to attend an interview deciding whether to be the decision maker where I work or not. I am still waiting for the result but still unable to fathom their hatred. Do you know that I have been working on my skills for a decade? A girl from the countryside belonging to illiterate family thinking of education as a luxurious thing, so what about planning to traveling overseas to pursue my education singlehandedly! Does success coincide only with sadness and obstacles? Now I know the behind celebrating them after having many gashes but they are still alive and survive. Life goes by but Allah would never forget your cruelty! To Allah we belong and to him we shall return.

12 thoughts on “Insecure Women And Their Hostility Towards Us!

  1. Very in-depth commentary on life in the Middle East. Since I’ve studied Mideast history + watch shows + movies that originate from there, I’ve learned much about the dynamics of life there. This article gives me more info on this complex part of the world.

    Thx for posting!

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  2. Hi Gehad,
    I really enjoyed reading this post. I will have to comment, though, that I’ve encountered toxic work spaces in the United States that scarily mirror what you’ve described here. Horrible as it is, I think that some human beings just do not care who they hurt as long as they can get ahead. This is tragic especially when those who’ve worked hard are overlooked for promotion because of selfish nepotism and preferential treatment for friends.
    I agree 100 percent with you-God doesn’t forget our cruelties (unless, of course, we confess and ask for forgiveness so that He will show us mercy and compassion). We return to Him.
    I don’t think some humans look at it that way. They live as if there is no Creator. They have no conscience. They seem to think this life is all there is. Money, power and success pass away. It is our relationship to our Creator that matters more than anything on this earth.
    Sorry for being long-winded in this comment. I am just so happy to read your blog.
    Have a blessed week.

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    1. Glad to read your comment! You do not know how much I value you as an anonymous friend and your sagacious words each time! Hopefully we can meet one another after covid19!


  3. Impressive. Not only did you learn English by yourself, you write very well. I love your desire to respect everyone else’s freedoms. We need more people like you – people who can observe their religious faith without pushing it on others. I applaud you.

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  4. I have encountered such things here in USA, too – and it is so frustrating! The nepotism, the people who believe they can ‘make’ you do what they want, that makes life good for them – their loved ones who are blind to, slow to act, or ask for other employers to carry the load, put up with such things, simply because the ‘boss’ doesn’t want to deal with a hard conversation with a family member. I have simply, many times in the past, moved on to give my energy to work/companies I can feel good about contributing to – other times? I stick around, figuring the best way to change things is while I’m a part of it – it’s hard and stressful and all that and either I’m up to it or I’m not – -Sometimes circumstances do not appear to show me the way to leave, go elsewhere and not fear my own survival, or ability of taking care of those I love – – other times, I have betrayed myself, my health, etc., until I no longer could, and left, trusting in faith, that if I were supposed to stay there, I would have been shown the way. In the end – I always stay longer than perhaps I should have – and yet? Once I make the decision? I never regret it and slowly but surely, I find ways to evermore, show up to give what I was given, to others, and find satisfaction in my work greater than the frustrations that come with ANY endeavor as we go along – – Hang in there! Do not let others strip you of your energy to continue your path of improvement and working for the things you care about.


  5. “Insecure women can not stand mingling with outstanding people, especially women because they realize how miniature they are! ” I guess being that reminder to such a person irks them to no end! NPD and other issues may be involved. But some women will try to get the office to see you as her and her as you. Weird projection games. Gossips also love to construct their tale on a grain of truth. So you didn’t text your colleague back for two weeks? Did she tell you that it was already discussed and SHE sent the text to the wrong number? They lie, but always keep a grain of truth at the core of the lie to see credible.


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