Man is a yes…. Yes to life. Yes to love. Yes to generosity. But man is also a no. No to
scorn of man. No to degradation of man. No to exploitation of man. No to the butchery
of what is most human in man: freedom.
Frantz Fanon, Black Skin, White Masks

5 thoughts on “Dawn

  1. The new concept of what constitutes a conscious man has not yet achieved universal acceptance. It is a work in progress. It is progress that will only work hand in hand with women’s liberation. May we have patience and hope the future generations will reap the benefits of our work towards respect and equal rights for both sexes.

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  2. Yes to life, and preservation of life, whether for myself alone or to hold on to protect others – No to those humans, flora and fauna that have perfected self survival so well, they no longer remember being interdependent or collaborative – Yes to my own flaws and the flaws of others – No to holding the space for other’s flaws, who can’t hold the space of mine – sigh – and the world just keeps on turning….ever the same, no matter how things change – LOL

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