Contemplate Well And Clearly!

Life is diverse. Living is to live with difference. Anyone telling you that difference should be stamped out is stamping out life. Those people insisting that there are black and white answers to the difficult questions are stamping out the diversity that is inherent in life.

I usually introduce myself as a monotheist and another fellow seeking knowledge and illumination until I pass away! Qur’an and its commentary always guide me not to go astray. I have learnt that chauvinism, bigotry, lineages are not mine as a Muslim but they are my ancestors’ notions and heritage! The first cosmic covenant between Allah my our forefather Adam was about worshipping, supplications, and befriending all as Allah’s vicegerent on earth, but we, offsprings, haven’t distilled its essence well as we couldn’t differentiate between what was tribal and what was truly Islamic. Religions are impeccable but religiosity isn’t as sometimes our minds mistakingly redress issues and sometimes in a lethal way! I can not forget having a stark conversation with a friend from different religion, milieu, and background telling me that what I am trying to go away from and circumvent all the time is what she is looking for! She doesn’t know her roots, her family’s history, specific religion to appease her, maybe a tribe like mine! Actually, I know that I will die and be buried on my own with no one else. I will be held accountable for my deeds, so I will not lift up a finger thinking of others’ viewpoints nor opinions!

8 thoughts on “Contemplate Well And Clearly!

  1. What a great point — about distinguishing the actual precepts of your religion from traditions that are purely “tribal,” as you call them. Nicely made. (People of other religious backgrounds could well remember that.)

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  2. A very succinct article, without any disagreeable points, I had pleasure in reading it! I especially liked your mentioning of the assents’ of the religious ideas. As an atheist, I do acknowledge and respect the influences religions had throughout human history and respect that certain ethical standards I adhere to are of religious origin.
    However, believe systems had been necessary to guide the superstitions tribal minds, but one’s consciousness has been attained, the individual is called up to find answers without being relegated by any scriptures. Believe has to be respected as an individual right and cannot be guided by dogmas.

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  3. The problem with especially modern day religions is that the original dogmas have been edited and evolved by the so-called “leaders/high priests” to suit their own control over one’s beliefs. Everyone just try to get along– that rule alone will cover what is necessary for both the physical and spiritual road to happiness in our lives. Peace.

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  4. “I know that I will die and be buried on my own with no one else. I will be held accountable for my deeds…”
    yesssir. That’s what makes you whatever you are – your deeds – not your race, religion or culture. you are only you.
    may Allah guide us. ameen


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