London Mosque And Germany

At the beginning I thought Arabs and especially Egyptians were the only bigoted and reactionaries. Christians celebrate their feast among weapons and armoured vehicles allegedly to protect them! Protect them from whom? Another monotheist? Strange!

O people, we created you all from a male and female
And made you into different communities and different tribes
So that you should come to know one another
Acknowledging that the most noble among you
Is the one most aware of God

Allah wants us to be different to coexist. I believe that our dilemma as Arabs is homogeneity. We look the same, have only one religion, and only one denomination “Sunni”. I am longing for that melting pot to know one another as vicegerents instilling peace not the opposite.

Unfortunately, I was mistaken as it is not only our issue. New Zealand mosque shooting was a proof. Today’s news about London mosque and Germany was another proof of our animalistic instinct and superficiality. Why do we want to despoil humanity of this planet? What do you gain from stabbing people while they are worshipping Allah? We, monotheists, pray to soothe our pain as everyone is treading in their path with its ups and downs. To be able to be in others’ shoes, we should pray, fast, give alms, etc!

A couple of days ago, I got furious because someone posted a moment describing the piety of her friend. Her friend detached herself away from any technology. She eats only rice and bread to value blessings well. She does not mingle with men as it is against her creed. I was amazed because Portraying religions and faith in such a way of solitude and austerity is totally wrong! We are not meant to exist in this world to avoid it or cocoon ourselves. We are here to coexist as vicegerents. There is repentance to tell us how merciful Allah is as he always accepts us. We should always consider the day of reckoning by working hard for it not by flogging ourselves.

Don’t choose to be an ultra because someday you will give up on this in an indelible way. Religions exist to dispense justice, peace, and welfare. Please contribute to this and never stand still concocting superficial excuses regarding your faith.

At the end I abhor politics, its endless covetousness, and its media outlets. The condition of our humanity is full-blown and dreary!

11 thoughts on “London Mosque And Germany

  1. I love this post. We aren’t meant to be alone. We are meant to be a community. As you said, to “dispense justice, peace and welfare”. I don’t understand all the hate in this world. It breaks my heart every time I hear of a mosque, a synagogue, a church or temple, a school, or any other place where people are gathered together being victimized by someone’s twisted agenda. We all bleed the same. As always, my thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of yet another travesty.

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  2. Hello, Gehad. A very soulful article. Appreciate the Great love You have for Humanity.
    …About killing those who kill. I Advocate Killing these, so that there would be at least one less killer. It is for This reason, and Not to show people that killing is wrong.
    …Killing is Not Easy; Not everybody can/will do it. But those who have done it have the tendency to repeat it.
    We keep hardened criminals in jails; from where they escape either by bribing or other criminal means, and repeat the crimes.
    For me, Killing Mad Dogs is not wrong.


  3. A system, in which those in power consciously keep selected information back, will gradually become a system in which only selected data will be released.
    Our politicians see it as their privilege to withhold information that needs to be publically disseminated. Our political system has now become a system in which only selected information is released. Consequently, we the public, are left with endless streams of unanswered questions!
    Public disclosures of publicly relevant information are not in the public interest, because it would damage the careers of those public servants involved!

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