Welcome To My Walled Garden

Before the end of the year, I want to share my online library with you. There are some books I read in 2019, and others will be finished in the new year. Human beings can not fully understand by rote. We have to mindfully read and serve who need help. Welcome to my walled garden and thorny subjects.

I would like to thank you for your support and kindness. This blog has become my guru to sift out fallacies.

I use anybooks application and download whatever I want to read.

Enjoy and do not forget to share yours with us!

37 thoughts on “Welcome To My Walled Garden

  1. if you have read all of those, you are probably the best informed person I know. And perhaps, the smartest.
    The most important book (to me) that I have read this year, is the one I wrote: Tulpa Tales: Confessions of an Elder Tulpamancer. It is on Amazon if you are curious. Thanks for you list, I have many of those not connected to Islam, about which I am truly ignorant. Dr. Bob

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    1. Well I did read some besides When breath becomes air, good Muslim bad Muslim, Trevor Noah’s book, The subtle art of not giving f, and the autobiography of Frida kahlo. My focus in the new year will be on religious books and politics only. Thanks for sharing your book and best wishes 🌻

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      1. Trevor Noah’s book was a pleasure. I started reading the Subtle Art of not giving a f*** but I’ve not finished it.

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  2. I appreciate that you cast your net wide and read books in different traditions….I hope you also get outside and enjoy a walled garden, a rose, and some trees. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the follow!

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      1. As a 1st gen Egyptian/Arab-American, I found ch 5 particularly compelling. cheers. Btw, I suspect you may find Marina’s Rustow’s The Lost Archive to be of interest, if not endlessly fascinating.

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