Be Mindful

“To wisely live your life, you do not need to know much. Just remember two main rules for the beginning:
You better starve, than eat whatever, and better be alone than with whoever” This is a quote of the prominent philosopher Omar Khayyam. Two pieces of advice which crystallize the ideal life with healthy bodies and jubilant hearts.

Regarding food, we are the masters, and our bodies are mere acolytes. However, hearts blindly mastermind our lives. Recently, I pondered hard over how I could manage my life, what shackled me to better myself. How many times was I able to converge with my heart? I think the answer is never!

Hearts are easily portable, but still incorrigible. Their recalcitrance is ingrained incapable of overriding correctly. Three decades, and my heart is still floundering, soliciting support from others. Hearts were never destined to be loners. Hearts sprout among cliques in the form of family, friends, healthy relationships, and success.

Neither you nor your heart is a guru. Therefore, embrace each other’s choices as infallibility is not a quality of earthling creatures.

2 thoughts on “Be Mindful

  1. Indeed. as they tell me in my 12 step program, “self cannot see self.” It’s this reason I have a few close friends who I share with. Just today a friend told me yesterday, “It appears you are focusing on what isn’t working instead of what is. I worry that you are getting into depression.” I told her that my past tended to “make nice” and then I got “depressed.” Now I’m more finding the way between standing up for what is best, and letting go. I am in the gray area and that is okay. But she KNOWS this now and I can ask her for an opinion. It’s hard to be vulnerable and let people see me when I’m not at my best, but it’s how I can grow and, as you say, share my “incorrigible” heart. Reading posts like this help me to become “encourage-able!” Best! I’ll be back!

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    1. Glad to know that reading such posts helps you even the bare minimum. I hope you get to your destination safely. It does not matter where we live, neither the east nor the west as human psyche is prone to the same factors. Life evolves and we do so!

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