The Mirage

This hectic life is prompting you to keep pace with it neglecting your heart and soul. You frantically go here and there to pay for your house bills oblivious of what is wearing away your soul. There is a void in everyone’s life no matter where they live, in the United States of America or the Middle East. Therefore, we resort to the internet looking for care and love. Imagine, you are rising up the totem pole, but when you get home after a long day of work looking for your soul food on the internet. I want to get a scholarship pursuing master’s degree overseas, but how lonely and distraught I am. It is the price of success and building up a glittering career. This void is noisily calling for anything to get filled. This void is a corollary to the lack of leniency, the lack of affection, and the lack of support. I myself was a victim of that void. I sought attention as a troll on the internet. Ironically, we have been increasing dramatically in number and isolation. I remember how many times I made fun of such stories. However, this experience has taught me a lot, even of things I was not aware of their existence in my life. I have decided to open up to let it go and free my soul. I do not want to accumulate such feelings resulting in scolding and envying others as I am deep down confined. I am a free spirit with flaws, some bruises, and gashes. However, those gashes are the compass to guide me. I would never budge nor shake. No one is flawless or infallible. Therefore the social calibration of morals and values are nonsense. I am not going to cater to anyone’s wishes except mine and my faith’s.

Hola fellows!

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