The Death Row

Today is another traumatic day in my home. Today, some parents will spend their day without their beloved child. Another family startlingly lost their breadwinner. From now on, pain gets inextricable from some families in Egypt.

In the beginning, I thought it was another morning, but I was mistaken. It was the last day for some innocent people, and the beginning of their families’ sorrows unfortunately. I watched charred corpses in the station on the internet. Ironically, it is the same platform where I stand to board the train to come back home. I would be one of these corpses dying for no reason, but I still have some time. I agonised, I felt aging, I was afflicted with another scourge.

It is a death row. We are all waiting for our moment to get killed, burned, shot, strangled, etc. It is only a matter of time. Allah honoured Adam and his offsprings. However, human beings are deliberately devastating everything. Who is footing the bill? I am, my neighbor, my friend, and our offsprings shall be.

It is looming up ahead of us. It is approaching, and will swallow us up. I am tethered and in tatters. I want to flee, but I am deep down crippled. I want to revolt, but it will never come in handy. I do not have the stomach to hurt myself, but I am drowning into my sorrows.

I wish it was a nightmare!

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