It Is Not Pleasant Being Arab

I have not been blogging for a couple of weeks. However, I was thinking of what should be the next topic throughout that time. I was watching some documentary movies about sex trafficking because of wars, poverty, or maybe illiteracy. In Yemen, a kid got married before puberty, which was according to her father “we wanted to get rid of a burden because of poverty, so we were compelled”. In Pakistan, there is a village where girls get slaughtered in the name of bringing dishonour. Dishonour, according to their loathsome viewpoints, is going out, talking with strangers innocently, or even disobeying their parents’ will. In Lebanon, men take advantage of Syrian women due to their disastrous circumstances as refugees.

Ironically, the society always suspects our entitlement as women as we are delicate and rely on our emotions. Nonetheless, women are their target to satisfy their needs in the most abhorrent way. I myself have been through a lot to correctly evaluate myself as a human being. I have known bullying from a man. I have got ridiculed from a man. Recently, I had a fallout with my mother. It was one of the fiercest and I opened up the most. She conveyed her desires, and I spoke frankly about my own desires which are totally different from hers. I love my mother, but I would never emulate her. Is it wrong to speak my mind? Is it vulgar to go after my dreams? Should our wings get clipped off to represent obedience and honour? For how long are we going to witness this farce?

This relic should no longer exist. Life is much simpler than this maze. The area is a stagnant pond of retardation. If you approached it. It would swallow you up without any changes apart from another corpse.

Hola amigos from the other side!

18 thoughts on “It Is Not Pleasant Being Arab

  1. Stand in your own power and truth. The oppression of the feminine is not only about women but women are so often the targets…..Its not easy standing up to a parent who you love.. but sometimes our parents are honouring repression not liberation. Jesus told his parents he had to follow his individual soul truth.. so do you. You aren’t doing anything wrong.

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  2. No it’s Not wrong to speak your mind, No it’s Not vulgar to go after your dreams, You write well and with passion, as English is a very hard and odd language, you do well with English expressing your thoughts and feelings

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  3. Darling Woman, I believe in you. I lived 6 years in Islamic countries. I found there is no one way of being and that kindness is the same throughout the universe. Be brave. I hold you in my heart.

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    1. It’s because of poverty, that pond of ignorance, and more! It’s not about Islam as those countries are secular. I am trying to convey my message on my blog sifting fallacies and misunderstanding out. I am neither proud of where I am, nor seeking any westerner’s dreams as long as interests defeat humanity. Thanks for your comment and kindness 🌻

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