A Voluntary Isolation

Have you ever imagined your life without social media? I have an inclination to delete everything. I do not know if it is depression or maturity. I do not take any photos nor selfies. I am not fond of sharing my day-to-day life with others especially online. Since2016, I have been using internet to serve me not to waste my entire life. I do not want to spend my life in sharing quotes instead of applying them. I do not want to spend my life looking for the one resulting in an internet troll seeing nothing beyond that inner void. I do not need any podium to speak out! I prefer going out and serve needy and handicapped children as I promised them before. I can be a teacher instilling everlasting benefits and show them the bottom of this ephemeral surface of adversity. I am not talking about mere wishful thinking. It is about how to be euphoric through giving a hand. I can not stand any of my accounts. I will not elucidate nor reveal my desires. I will go out and share my self with the world of giving. I will not wait anymore. I will work on my weaknesses, career,and the scholarship. I do not seek anyone’s attention. Anyone’s standpoint is welcomed, but not considerable. Finally, my soul is free and invincible. I do not want to spend the rest of my life in echoing “I should have done”. And ease my task for me,Aameen!

4 thoughts on “A Voluntary Isolation

  1. Social media is truly a double edged sword. It can be a great way to connect with people you’d never meet in the ordinary course of your life, and in that aspect it’s a modern version of the old penpal deal. (Does anyone remember penpals? Am I showing my age here?)
    But social media has its dark side too – the face of the vampire that sucks up the hours of your day. I’ve read that netsurfing delivers a hit to the brain chemistry and becomes addictive. On my personal experience, I would agree.

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