At that very moment I am looking for any loopholes in the laws of my life. Any leniency to relieve my pain. Any numbness to stop feeling any burdens. Is it aging? No. I am still young, but my heart has wrinkles and my mind needs a cane to move forward. I am obsessed with reading autobiographies and recently I have been interested in reading self-help genres. They teach me how to act and react in many different ways. Are we entitled to choose the trodden path? Are we eligible to make choices on our own? Is everything a quirk of fate? Or our obstinacy leads to such thing?. There is a hail of questions and some will never be answered unfortunately. For how long will this void insist on getting filled? Time goes by and my life is trickling in front of my eyes. The older we get, the more vulnerable we become. I feel my blog is cathartic and I get rid of all negativities on it. I am so sorry for being obnoxious!

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