Without Any Embellishments

This moment is one of the darkest ones ever. I am standing on my own. I am surrounded by family, relatives, and friends. However, no one of them has a significant role in my life. They are mere passersby. I always remember this poem especially in such moments which is “do not reconcile even if they give you gold. If I gouged your eyes out, and then two diamonds were fixed instead of them. Would you be able to see?! There are lots of things we can not buy including memories”. Wandering aimlessly is an integral part of finding out your real self. Destruction is an integral part of success. Lack of care and love will result in the most sympathetic human being. Lack of warmth will make you the shelter from life harshness. I am a twenty-eight year old humanitarian woman seeking enlightenment and self-improvement. Tomorrow is going to be a reconciliation with my old self without any mediators.

To be continued!

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