The Taboo

Have a look on this portrait. How ugly it is, indeed. It is usual to witness such scene in villages. In Egypt where poverty consumes people’s souls, where mob justice and laws prevail. A fifteen year old girl gets married to a sixty year old tourist from Gulf States. He has money, she has beauty, such a combination!. He has the power to choose among girls, she is pathetically a plaything.

One of the companions said once “if poverty was a man, I would kill him”. Why did he talk only about poverty? Not oppression, not ignorance, nor any illnesses. Poverty is a maze game taking your privacy away from you. You have to tell others about your condition when you ask them for money. You have to implore when you urgently need something, but your pockets are empty. Your friends gradually get fewer and fewer. You are not the most lovable one in your family!

Who has everything luxurious and echoes money is not everything. I would like to say, you are mistaken since your freedom to make more choices is based on how much money you do have. The more money you make, the more choices you can make. Money is a mean of exchange. Imagine you deep down need something, but you change your mind because you have to.

I never blame those who resort to the worst means to live on, for instance, prostitute, or even getting married to an elderly as a cover for gaining money. I sincerely believe such demeanor exists after various trials and tribulations. We, human beings resort to live on urinate only to survive when earthquakes hit. How disgusting urinate is, but still bearable to inhale and exhale.

He can rejoice his body. She still breathes and tries to hold her own little by little. However, who is going to foot the bill? Her soul and the anguished offsprings!

7 thoughts on “The Taboo

  1. To write about something so real is not easy. And the painting is of course loud in its ugliness. It actually hurts to look at it but I can’t imagine how much it hurts to write about stark reality. Great job and looking forward to more!

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