Rahaf’s Scarecrow

In the last week media outlets had nothing to talk about but Saudi girl “Rahaf” who fled because of her parents’ abuse. Her act and bravery to speak out is not a day-to-day thing that we, as Arab people, are accustomed to. I always believe that holy religions came down to get rid of paganism, so there is no person nor symbol to be worshipped including parents.

The Almighty bestows parents with offspring, so that they instill the values and education in them what these parents were deprived of! Not to pollute them with abuse, hatred, and hostility which will result in scarecrows entombed into their cast unable to reveal anything. These pent-up emotions cause psychological harm and stagnation. I was debating with my mother about Rahaf and I was by far exhilarated. My mother was unpleasant and immediately asked me about my standpoint since it is forbidden to abandon her family in such way. I replied that Rahaf was facing a life-and-death issue. There was not that luxury of making the best choice. She was on the brink of getting beheaded, kidnapped, imprisoned, or living on her own overseas. I asked my mother a question which was ” the Almighty enjoined Muslims to treat their offspring mercifully”. Thus, instead of debating about obeying parents, we should rather spotlight the problem of parents’ authoritarianism towards their children in the first place. kids mimic their parents closely, so they sow hatred, vulgarity, segregation, arrogance,etc, they will reap the same and unfortunately these toxic qualities will embed and metastasize without any hope of remission. It was no surprise when I heard that she renounced Islam. The unjustified brutality of her family’s deeds seemed inseparable from the holy teachings according to her standpoint. It is natural because we all go astray before our personalities are fully solidified. Politics is squalid and the breeding ground for dysfunction. Little by little I get more convinced that humankind has gotten more animalistic holding advanced devices in their hands. It is our dreadful era with this shallow farce. I hope every oppressed woman gets freedom and self-actualisation in that inferno, The Middle East.

23 thoughts on “Rahaf’s Scarecrow

  1. A highly opinionated piece as I’d expect from you. However, not everything media says about KSA is to be believed. There’s always other agendas playing behind the scenes. And we must be able to read between the lines before celebrating these individuals that West promote… while killing millions of others.

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    1. I totally agree with you besides that, I am not trying to portray the West as a paradise. I had mentioned the influence of politics, but to get punished because you cut your hair is insane as well. Lots of girls get married when they turn 14 years old in Saudi Arabia and more.

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      1. Gehad… I don’t know the ins and out of this story. What I have noticed is that those who work to tarnish the name of Islam are the ones who greeted her and rejoiced at the story. That says at lot.

        Secondly, the age of marriage is a cultural/social construction. What is acceptable in one country/culture, is perhaps not so in another. So if the idea that 14 year old getting married is a norm in that society, who are we to oppose? On what basis?


      2. She opposed that norm and chose to flee. Saudi Arabia is an Arab country not the shelter of Islam. I know well the conflicts between Saudi Arabia and Canada, so that Canada took advantage of the situation and gave that girl asylum. That girl got abused, rebuked, and isolated, so that she made up her mind and took that course of action without any enforcement. I have never thought of Saudi Arabia as a safeguard of Islam because it is a typical country like any country in the East. In sum, I loathe artificial deeds in the name of religion, besides that, holy religions are perfect without any need for a podium to condemn nor protect!

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  2. SubhanAllah! I think you’ve totally misunderstood or didn’t want to reply to what I actually said. Anyways… not all ‘religions’ are perfect. Only Islam is perfect 👌🏽 and it’s the only way to achieve peace, harmony and success in both worlds.

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  3. The root of all conflicts is my religion is best and others are not perfect. Regions become perfect by its followers who understand and follow it in the right way. Not just to discriminate others and bully them. It is dead old ancient rituals, and so-called culture and tradition we are carrying in the name of religion are harmful. One of them is suppressing women and marrying them in childhood so they have no chance for education or taking their own decisions. Any religion which says women are inferior and can’t take a right decision is can’t claim to be the best.
    Politics and power game by darmgurus is also playing a big part in distorting of religion to their own advantage.

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    1. If you are talking about Islam, I would like to say that you are under misappropriation. Islam came down to get rid of obsession with lineage, enslavement, hue, concubines, etc. Our prophet was married to a fourteen-year older wife and was the most lovable wife, and the crony with her unwavering support. It is undeniable how astray we are now. Little by little we go backwards forgetting the essence of holy religions. I have mentioned that we mix up man-made deeds with holy teachings resulting in accusing religions and renouncing them. Overall I am deep down sure that everything is misplaced, so any judgement would be by far superficially wrong.

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      1. No, dear. I am talking about what is going on in the name religions. No disrespect for any religion. It’s only my opinion that all religions start for the betterment of people but some head or political parties start playing game for their interest. Man made deeds, indeed.

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      2. :)Your beliefs are based on,
        what you have gone through your life.
        My beliefs are based on,
        what I have gone through my life.
        So, let there be,
        a space between,
        your belief and my belief
        where we shall meet, and
        agree to disagree on some points.
        Then there will be no bitterness.
        Our friendship will be
        forever and forever,
        and that would be,my friend
        for both of us , a great relief

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      1. It is one of the books that influenced me when I was young. I hope that I remembered the title well because in translation it was ‘The Doctor’. I came from a family where almost everyone was a doctor and I have studied medicine before changing to a University course. I like the way the author wrote about, his country Egypt, the eating of raw onion which helps to have good teeth. The habit I kept since. All in all, it was an outstanding book. Highly recommended.

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  4. By the way, I think that you are interested in ancient Egypt, if you are, could you please look up my post ‘The Tale for Mr. Spielberg?’, when you have a few minutes? I have at least 60 books on every aspect of life in anient Egypt as it was the greatest civilization at the time and in many of my posts I write a little about that area.

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