Before Turning 28

I will be turning 28 within two days without any exhilaration though. I have decided to write and open up now because I am deep down sure that everything is going to change and be much better, so I want to have a look and be thankful then!

I celebrate my birthday in the beginning of the year. However, I do not celebrate nor eat out. I rather plop down on my couch counting my achievements, mistakes, new friends, wailing, regretting, planning, etc!

In 2018 I was trying to put up with difficulties and detested things more that anything else. I quit dead-end job because of people I thought they were friends, but I was mistaken as usual. I have learnt that cutting off toxic people is mandatory to keep living healthy. I have learnt that we should not share our dreams with people who can’t understand them. I have learnt the importance of keeping people at arm’s length until they prove the opposite. I have learnt that no one deserves our patience and chances as long as we are not in their’s debt. I have learnt lots of things not to be under misappropriation anymore. Thus, I am thankful for your existence in my life.

I do not feel anything in particular before I turn 28 because I quit on living my whole life to master one thing three years ago. When I was 25 years old full of vitality, thinking of that brilliant future,and having a job lined up due to my high GPA. Nonetheless, it was all in vain without any exaggeration. I am grateful for these out of control obstacles as I thought in the beginning. They were the infrastructures to build up my new self with different outlooks. Without these blessings as I call them now, I would be an employee with Pennies in the governmental sector with that narrow-mindedness and fences since we humankind seek out protection when we grow fragile and insecure.

I shall not celebrate this year since I have not reaped anything yet. Celebration is held for a reason and I have not any at least now. I feel I am melancholic, disappointed, and somehow astray, but it always happens when things are about to change on our behalves.

My first piece of writing, the darkest but not the last one💫

To be continued!

23 thoughts on “Before Turning 28

  1. You’ve made it! Making that first move is always difficult… so a BIG Congratulations Jehad! As for your blog, the rich choice of words enriches your writing and triggers thoughtfulness in the mind of the reader. Many lessons in this debut piece, many more successes in the future, InshaAllah 🙏

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  2. I wish you find many reasons to celebrate life, very soon 🙂
    Write regularly and in no time your blog will become your most Happy place to be, I call my blog, My Happy Place 🙂
    Happy Blogging:)

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  3. The fact you’re here through all the obstacles is commendable. You phrased this so beautifully, all the obstacles created the “infrastructures to build up my new self with different outlooks.” This has really inspired me. I faced so many obstacles trying to get into the government sector & trying to do something related to my degree. However I’m starting to think maybe it’s a good thing bc now I’ve found much more things that interest me. It forced me to learn more about myself. Happy belated birthday 💕🌸

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  4. The Saturn return which occurs between the ages of 28 and 31 is a time of great personal self reckoning. You may gain dark insights or feel frustrations but they will be keys to what needs to change or be eliminated so you can manifest more of your truer self in this world. Discouragement is understandable but just remember you still have a lot of years left. ❤


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